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2014 Junior World Barefoot Championships
Date: 10-Mar-14      Class: RC
Location: Ski Lakes, Mulwala -  ,   WBC

The following Officials recieve credit  for participating in the event.
Tournament DirectorMann, Oscar "Foot"1   
Chief JudgeStevens, Dale R1   
Asst. Chief JudgeDavis, Geoff1   
Judge-BoatBlaauw, Geoff  11
Judge-BoatBlaauw, Lynn 122
Judge-BoatBoyd, John 21 
Judge-BoatFranks, Peter 21 
Judge-BoatHarris, Andy 121
Judge-BoatMolepske, Michael  12
Judge-BoatMowday, Claire 121
Judge-BoatMoynes, Al 112
Judge-BoatNorberg, Peter 122
Judge-BoatO'Donnell, Kathy 112
Judge-BoatSoderquist, Mikael   1
Judge-BoatVrancx, Ludo  11
Judge-ComputerNorberg, Peter 1  
Judge-ComputerVrancx, Ludo 1  
Chief DriverMcNabb, Lewis1   
DriverGray, Richard 22 
DriverGrech, Eddie  12
DriverGroen, Sam  11
DriverHutcheon, Bruce 2  
DriverMcNabb, Lewis 311
DriverPrice, John 3  
HomologatorJones, Terry1   


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